Welcome to Spotlight, a space that suits its name!

Here, we highlight the impact organizations that fit the theme for the year. This year, 2021, we will be focussing on the COP26 movement along with themes such as climate change and sustainability.

The  organizations below represent different impact ecosystems that focus on environmental conservation and reservation.


A social enterprise in Malaysia based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MyChangkul was founded by Foo Chuen Yong, a cycling enthusiast and nature lover. He started this SE after realizing that there was a need to ensure that hiking and cycling trails are not just sustainable for the people but also for the forest.

Youth Farm 

A social enterprise that's dedicated to bringing together different generations through their Youth Farming Mentorship program. In the program, youth are mentored by a senior community farm member to upskill their farming techniques. In the process, young and old are able to interact and build bonds that transcend the generation gap.

Seeds Malaysia

A hands-on suburban permaculture training center in Klang, Seeds Malaysia is a small team with different backgrounds who are passionate about sustainable eco-living. They offer a variety of activities such as visits, training, and programs ranging from co-curriculum-based experiential workshops to mentoring and coaching on holistic urban and suburban natural farming. They focus on empowering young leaders towards an "own community food production" mindset.

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