Project VISION 

Welcome to the Impact Story Showcase – by youth from Malaysia and around the world that have participated in Project VISION. 

Project VISION was a capacity-building program focused on virtual impact  storytelling around the theme of sustainability and climate change. It was held for selected youth changemakers and environmental enthusiasts based in Scotland and Malaysia.

The program was run by Social Enterprise Academy and was one of three programs under the British Council’s A.R.C Challenge Malaysia, an initiative to promote awareness, resilience and collaboration in response to climate change.

Adele Lidderdale, Scotland

Ru Yi, Malaysia

Adele's vision is a healthy, happy, fair society living in a clean, safe, and sustainable environment.

Through this video, she hopes to create awareness about climate change to inspire positive action not just in cities but also among rural communities.

Adele runs a business called EcoOrkney where she sells a range of eco-friendly goods from household to personal care products.

Ruyi hopes to see supportive communities that respect each other come together to create a world that has great mental and emotional resilience.


Through this video, she hopes to create awareness about mental health and how mental resilience can help you support not just yourself, but also your community and the environment.

Ruyi founded an organization called The Ripple Effect where she supports individuals with mental health challenges through the sharing of her own experience on overcoming mental health challenges.

Jianyou, Malaysia

Jian You Jpeg.jpg

Jianyou wants to see common sustainable goals achieved through public awareness of each person’s responsibility towards environmental sustainability.

In his infographic, he shares how forests in cities can provide a safe haven for animals within the city, and help both people and wildlife coexist in harmony.

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Ilaria Lorusso, Italy

Yi An, Malaysia

Ilaria envisions a future where people practise conscious purchases and are taking positive climate change actions.


She also hopes that organizations develop an appreciation for policy and regulations for sustainable businesses.


In her video, she invites event organizers to embed fun and interactive sustainable programs into their events to educate their audience and spread the message of sustainable living.

Yi An’s vision for the future is to see carbon capturing, circular economies and renewable energy as part and parcel of the world’s everyday practices. 

Her animation is a lively depiction of how algae helps in carbon capture. With this, she hopes to engage audiences from young to old and create awareness about the circular economy and carbon capturing.

Eszter Schaller, Hungary

Eszter Schaller 1.jpg

Eszter visualises a future community that has an empowered mindset towards inclusivity. In this article, she explores the increasingly black-and-white messaging in the media about sustainable living practices; and discusses the need to break away from this rigid approach.

A need for nuance in media messaging

The polarizing effect of today’s media and moving focus to influential groups.........

Noraini Ruslan, Malaysia

Nuraini wants to see a world where the community is empowered with a sustainable living mindset and where clean energy, clean air, and a clean city policy are the norms.

In her video, she shares her concept around the MySampah app – an app that hopes to streamline the recycling process by connecting all the different stakeholders in the recycling chain.

She hopes that this app will not only help to reduce waste but also promote recycling practices within the community.

Nabila Farhana, Malaysia

For Nabila, the future is only possible if we embrace the right mindset and attitude towards practicing sustainable living.


She also believes that a circular economy is the way forward in the fight against climate change.

Through her video, she hopes to inspire youth to embrace a sustainable life through climate change awareness.

Dzaim Dzulkifli, Malaysia

Dzaim hopes to one day see people living a sustainable life through responsible resource management and value chain management.

Here, he shares about the initiative that he and his team have set up to support the local fishing business while preserving the marine ecosystem.

Aina Suhaila, Malaysia

Aina believes that there is much to learn from the indigenous people of Malaysia who have traditions steeped in sustainable living practices.


Her vision is to engage the younger generation in these age-old practices through games and comics.

In her video, she shares about her organization called ‘The Jungle School of Gombak’ that runs community-based tourism activities designed to bring awareness and support to the indigenous community.

Hafiz, Malaysia

Hafiz is dedicated to contributing to a world where honest education and connected learning is made possible.


He also hopes for a community that practices cross-discipline problem-solving solutions through shared resources and responsibility. 

In his video, he shares about his card game called RIMBA, which serves a dual purpose of fun and interaction, as well as being a tool to learn about 30 endangered animal species in Malaysia.