How project VISION supports COP26

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘vision’?

Vision can describe physical sight or the ability to think and plan for the future or simply to imagine.

In our case, VISION is an acronym for Virtual Storytelling In Our Network. Funded by British Council and empowered by Social Enterprise Academy Scotland/Malaysia, VISION is an 8-week capacity building programme, focused on sharing stories of impact related to sustainability and climate change through virtual storytelling. The journey started on 19 June 2021 and brought together 29 young participants—from Scotland and Malaysia—joined by their passion to fight against climate change.

The programme takes inspiration from how one defines vision. The first five weeks focused on participants’ visions—allowing them to dive deep into their individual visualisations and eventually creating common themes on emerging issues.

The next three weeks focuses on the elements of storytelling, which play an important role in conveying and gaining support from others to make these visions come true. Participants will reflect on how they can best tell their stories and how they can make their stories more impactful.

The journey then continues with a 2-week self-led online learning module that will explore the nuts and bolts of video making. With this participants will be able to transform their story ideas into videos that they can share with the world through the Virtual Impact Festival platform. It is hoped that these stories will create awareness and motivate people around the world to take action against climate change and start taking responsible steps towards creating a more sustainable living routine.

The Virtual Impact Festival to be held in November 2021 is the culmination of this programme and, along with the VISION stories, will feature a series of workshops, forums, and speaking engagements on the issues of climate change and sustainability.

The platform will help to create awareness, spark inspiration and facilitate collaboration between different countries and communities. There will also be opportunities to connect with impactful initiatives from around the world in support of COP26's goals.

This is our way of celebrating COP26 by amplifying and supporting its goals.

Hellen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Imagine how amazing it will be when many hands with good intentions come together to make this world a better place.

Coming soon: Stay tuned for the Virtual Impact Festiva event details coming out on the 16th October 2021.

Alternatively, follow Social Enterprise Academy International / Social Enterprise Academy Malaysia to find out more about the VISION programme.

Together, we can make a difference.

Project VISION is an #ARCChallengeMalaysia capacity-building programme focusing on Virtual Impact Storytelling around the theme of sustainability and climate change for selected youth change makers and environmental enthusiasts from Scotland and Malaysia. It is funded by British Council Malaysia and Empowered by Social Enterprise Academy Scotland and Malaysia.

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